Who am I?

I’m a functioning human being. Made with genuine bone, skin, brain, heart and soul. But there are 3 main things you should know about me:


Curiosity is my Strength.

My mom always tells me that curiosity killed the cat, BUT I'm still alive and very curious. I like to know the reasoning behind things and I tend to ask many questions. I dont just want to know the "how" but I want to fully understand the "why". 


Social Butterfly.

I am the definition of a social butterfly, extremely social and easy going. Many of my friends have jokes about this because no matter where we go I end up running into someone I know. This has always allowed me to meet interesting people and be able to quickly adapt to new environments.


Soft for the Arts.

I have a soft spot for the arts. My family is filled with doctors, lawyers, pharmacists, engineers, paramedics, mechanics and construction workers, who are all artists in secret. They have taught me to understand other peoples artworks, why they create art and then challenge myself with new techniques, materials and styles. Trying new things gives me more perspective and helps me become a more empathetic designer.