Many of my friends love finding out what their dreams mean. But they hated looking things up the next morning on their phone.

I challenged myself to create an app that can both allow them to record their dreams and find multiple versions of the meaning. 

I started with research to see if there are apps like this already. I found many apps in the Google play store that either lookup dream meanings or are a dream diary but there was no apps that did both. 

I did some user testing, asking if people would use an app that is a dream dictionary/diary. I got a lot of positive feedback and many people mentioned that they would want different perspectives on their dreams. 

After that Catcher was born. Catcher gives you different dream interpretations to help you analyze the meaning of your dreams and keep track of them on the go.


Phase one

Ui Map

Ui Map

I made a quick UI map and started looking at different software I could use to prototype it. I have used InVision and Adobe Xd before, but I heard about Facebook's new prototype software called Origami. I thought it would be fun to learn how to use it and I would learn a new skill. 

Origami Studio Prototype

Origami Studio Prototype


Phase Two

After I made the prototype I did some more user testing. 

Demographics of Users

   -Age: 18-26  

   -University Students  

   -All Genders  

   -Different ethnic backgrounds


I got two kinds of users:

     1) OMG I love this! Would use this all the time

     2) Cool, but would never use    

Main User Feedback

   -Voice record dreams instead of typing  

   -Add drawing component

   -Highlight terms in log and click them to see meaning

   -Love the name and logo

   -The name, search, log font is kinda hard to read. Change it

   -Add scrolling bar on the side when scrolling down

   -Better organization for the log

   -Add backup system, like send a copy to drive

   -Add option to delete a dream

  -Add option to edit and save all the variations of the dream

  -Add hamburger menu icon for better navigation

User Testing

User Testing