Love is a walking dream

Published by Eber & Wein Publishing

Best Poets of 2017

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Was built on a fake foundation

Using breaks made up of lies

Mixed up with a cures and two magical brown eyes

My heart fell and the dark fog rose

Love is a walking dream

But I will never catch it


Not with you

Love is a walking dream

Stealing breaths for energy

Its presence alone

Can make a heart lose its beat

Just trying to catch it


Love is a walking dream

But one day it walked into a nightmare

And I found out that

you were not real

That the love we shared

Holder of all Keys


Published by Eber & Wein Publishing

Best Poets of 2015


If I travel the world and swim the seas

Dive the oceans and fly the breeze

I would become holder of all keys

Opening life’s tales, allowing them to unfreeze

So they can fly away with the birds and bees

Telling their tales to all the trees

Making them fall to their knees

Because each tale has become a disease

Spreading through the forest with each and every sneeze

And the only medicine is to use more keys




Published by Eber & Wein Publishing

Best Poets of 2014


And if you wish to join us

Stand tall with your feather

Trust  and don't let go

Hold tight

For the decision you have made

Must be right

But you must know

That the winds will only gust

For those who

Let the inhibitions go

And leave it all down below

I have a feather

So do you

Let’s put them all together

And make our dreams come true


We will become

A plumage of many hues

As something stronger and something new

We’ll soar high

Touching the highest sky

Fighting off bad weather will come with ease

Cries that echo from down below

Will be soothed  by

a warm summer breeze


Dear inspiration

Published by Eber & Wein Publishing

Expressions - 2016


Making it a colourless empty space

Leaving me alone and lost in frustration

With no hope to even chase   

Dear Inspiration

I'm on my knees

Send me your magic


Dear inspiration

Thanks for leaving me alone

At my time of need

And thanks to my dead muse

I’m stuck in front of a 1000 doors

With no keys

As if I was hungry with greed

You cut down all my trees

And took  the sea breeze

Slowly killing all my beautiful views

Ripping them out of my imagination

Sun to Moon 

Published by Eber & Wein Publishing

American Poet - 2016


Sun to moon

Moon to sun

Dark and light

Day and night

Is it worth the fight?

Is it right?