lost Mermaid queens

This piece was created for the #MerMay challenge and was showcased in RETHINK with Creators Collective in 2019.

Illustrator,water, stars

I wanted to write about the unknown lives of seas and oceans. Each vase showcases a mermaid queen and her power and how the Merpeople remember her. So much of history was recored on works of art and this is how they recorded their stories.


Celebrating Identity Exhibition

This piece was showcased in the Celebrating Identity Exhibition 2017 with Illuminate Arts KW at THEMUSEUM. This exhibit was a part of the Ontario 150 celebrations. 

The Blessings. 

Glass, Ink, Aluminum Foil, Frame

It is a verse from Surat Al- Nour, which roughly translations to light on light  or blessings on blessings. Surat Al-Nour Verse 35


Geometric Owl

This piece was showcased during a wellbeing workshop to inspire people to make beautiful things out of scraps.

Scrap paper, canvas, glue, x-acto knife

Each paper piece was cut out with exact measurements to shape the perfect low poly owl design. It took almost a week to complete. 


Inktober Challenge 2017

These pieces were created for the as part of the #inktober challenge by Jake Parker

Ink, sharpie, sketch book, motivation

This was by far one of the most enjoyable challenges I have ever committed to. For 31 days I would come home and paint with my inks. It allowed me to explore different styles and techniques throughout the month and improve my skill set. 

You can see all 31 posts on my Instagram


The Space Between Us

These piece was showcased in Digital Moments - A Creator Spaces Gallery 2017 with Creator Spaces at UW Stratford Campus. This gallery was part of both Ontario Culture Days and SpringWorks: indie theatre & arts festival

Illustrator, dreams, planets, stars, humans

There is something magical about life outside earth. I have always looked up at the stars and thought how amazing it would be to explore it all.

I find it funny that we focus on exploring more in outer space than the deep seas and oceans around us.