DESIGNING FOR a community

In the winter of 2016, I took part in an in-class contest to redesign the current Stratford Police Service (SPS) website for the city of Stratford, Ontario. We had 10 weeks to complete this challenge. 

My team and I were frustrated by the weak hierarchy and the lack of visual appeal of the site. We wanted to show just enough creativity while still staying true to a classic and serious police vibe. In the end I think that is one of the main reasons we won out of 19 website designs.



Our goal was very clear. Create a brand new website for the Stratford Police Services (SPS) that will be both accessible to the Stratford population and easily managed by the SPS.


RESEARCH - Looking into it

One of the first things we started with was a client analysis. The SPS needed a site that can be easily accessible for the community. Stratford has an elder population and many newcomers to Canada. SPS also needed to easily edit and update their site especially when it comes to critical information like missing peoples.

After that we completed a design audit. We highlight the pros and cons of the old site and created a list of needed improvements like fixing the website hierarchy. Once that was done we conducted a competitive analysis and reviewed other police websites within Ontario.

We also crated stakeholder maps and user personas to better understand who our target market.


  • Families

  • Students

  • Seniors

Police Department

  • Police officers

  • Administration

  • Supporting staff


  • Ministry department

  • Local Shelters

  • Fire department

  • Hospitals


  • Tourists

  • Festival attendees

crimepreventionheader copy.jpg

Make, test, repeat

As a team, we brainstormed and crated many different ideas and wireframes for the SPS. We would test the best ideas with locals in the Stratford community and with the Police men. After repeating this cycle multiple times we finally ladened on something that worked for all of our stakeholders.


After taking in all the feedback and agreeing on an overall design we agreed that due to time limitations we would use Adobe Muse to create the site. After the final site was put together we tested one last time and made final updates based on the feedback we got. Once that was all done we pitched the website to our professors, SPS, and community members.